Scaffolding Services

Scaffolding Services

Cup & Locks Scaffolding

We provide scaffolding in hazardous areas in Refineries, Petrochemical complexes, Fertilizer plants, Power plants, chemical plants, Heavy water plants, Gas processing units for Turnarounds, maintenance jobs, painting jobs and Insulation work pan India.

To undertake such challenging jobs, we are equipped with skilled and trained manpower and adequate quantity of scaffolding material.

Pipe & Clamps Scaffolding

Our Capabilities

We have expertise in building following type of scaffoldings

  • Customised meeting Stringent Client Specifications.
  • Cantilever scaffold
  • Suspended scaffold

Capability to execute ½ million cubic meter of scaffolding at a single location or at different locations by using large quantities of Heavy duty scaffolding material including use of only forged clamps as per client Specifications

Mobilization of scaffolding material after due inspection by qualified Inspectors along with technicians/engineers/inspectors within a very short notice

Availability of skilled, trained & experienced scaffolders with qualified trained experience engineers/ inspectors for job execution. Our inspectors inspect the Scaffolding thoroughly and initiate appropriate timely corrective action with Quality Assurance before offering to Client.

We follow the client’s scaffolding check list & approval before use of scaffolding. Corrective actions are taken as per Clients’ recommendation.